Alexander Technique Denver (ATDen) offers a traditional three-year, 1600-hour teacher-training course, approved by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT).

Alexander Technique Teacher Training in Denver, COATDen also offers continuing education for teachers, including an annual teachers workshop with an invited guest, and intensive courses for students who want to experience what it is like to train.

AmSAT-approved teacher-training programs are the only ones in the United States that meet quantifiable standards for teacher training shared by affiliated professional societies worldwide. These standards were established by F.M. Alexander and the first-generation teachers trained by him. As specified in AmSAT’s Bylaws, teacher-training programs approved by AmSAT provide a minimum of 1600 hours of instruction over a minimum of three years with a student/teacher ratio no higher than five to one.

For more information, visit the Alexander Technique Denver website.

A list of approved training courses in other states can be found on AmSAT’s website here.