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All members of the Colorado Society for the Alexander Technique are certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT). Here is an alphabetical list of our members. Click on a name to find out more.

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Michelle Brake

Denver, CO 80222

Michelle Brake, teacher of the Alexander Technique in Denver, COMichelle was introduced to the Alexander Technique while pursuing piano performance at the Lamont School of Music. Suffering from tension, numbness and tingling in her neck and arms, she sought help. After not seeing much progress from physical therapy, a friend recommended the Technique. She received immediate relief and gradually learned how to release the tension causing her problems. She is now playing better than ever. Exercise, public speaking and household chores have become easier and joy-filled.

Michelle became a teacher to keep improving herself and to help others in all walks of life do the same. She received her AmSAT certification from Alexander Technique Denver in 2016; she is currently an Alexander Adjunct Faculty at Lamont and an active performer.

Travis Chastain

4340 E Kentucky Ave, Glendale, CO 80246

Travis Chastain was first introduced to the Alexander Technique in 2010 as a Master of Music student in Classical Guitar performance at the University of Denver. Struggling with back pain and weakness in his right arm from a whiplash injury, Travis found the principles of the Technique invaluable in recovering his functioning and saving his guitar career.

Travis holds a Bachelor and Master in Music degree from the University of Denver and currently teaches 40+ students at his Glendale studio while performing regularly throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Travis graduated as an AmSAT-certified teacher in 2018 to help people overcome their personal challenges and to articulate the benefits of AT work in reducing back pain to the medical community.

Lynn Danielson

  • Alexander Technique Denver, 4201 E. Yale Ave., Ste. B-140, Denver, 80222

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Lynn Danielson, an Alexander Technique teacher in Denver

A keen amateur keyboardist, Lynn Danielson started Alexander Technique lessons with Heidi Leathwood to improve his piano skills. He was surprised to find that the lessons not only resolved his issues with back pain but also improved his overall health and well-being.

Lynn started attending the training course at Alexander Technique Denver when it opened in 2013, graduating in 2019. He has trained regularly at workshops in Malibu, with additional workshops in Chicago and Albuquerque. As a post-graduate teacher he has also trained at the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles.

Lynn has enjoyed a career in systems administration. His Alexander students have included office and retail workers, musicians, and the elderly.

Nada Diachenko

  • Boulder CO 80301
  • Department of Theater Dance, University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder CO 80309

Nada Diachenko, teacher of the Alexander Technique in Boulder, COThrough her Alexander Technique training, Nada was able to find freedom from discomfort due to injuries as a professional dancer. After certifying as a teacher in 1999, she has maintained a private teaching practice in Boulder and is on the faculty of Alexander Technique Denver. Since 1988, Nada has been professor in the Dance program at CU-Boulder, where she has created an Alexander Technique Intensive Study.

Nada certified in Jessica Wolf’s Art of Breathing in 2014 and is a certified Muscular Therapist. She conducts national and international workshops and residencies, including presentations for the American Society for the Alexander Technique’s annual conferences. Her teaching is influenced by her fifty-year career as a dance/movement educator and somatic specialist.

Maedée Duprès

  • a living arts centre, 2231 South Platte River Drive, Denver CO 80223
  • Centennial, CO 80121

Maedée Duprès, teacher of the Alexander Technique in Denver CO and Centennial COMaedée Duprès was first introduced to the Alexander Technique while dancing in London. After moving to the USA and making Denver her home, she graduated as a teacher in 1993. She enjoys working with performers as well as people of all ages who wish to improve their movement and postural balance, or who are recovering from injuries or chronic pain. Maedée is also on the faculty of Alexander Technique Denver.

In 1993, she founded a living arts centre, bringing artists and practitioners together in dedication to the community’s well-being. Her other modalities include T’ai Chi Ch’üan and CranialSacral Treatment.

Ian Ferguson

Colorado Springs CO 80907

Ian Ferguson, an Alexander Technique teacher in Colorado SpringsIan Ferguson received his AmSAT certification from the Oregon Center for the Alexander Technique, where he trained with Rebecca Robbins. He came to the Alexander Technique while working towards his trumpet performance degree, when he experienced a debilitating repetitive strain injury in both arms.

Ian received his BM from the University of Northern Colorado. Now a professional pianist/vocalist/guitarist/trumpeter, Ian has helped numerous students learn to prevent the habits that cause repetitive strain injuries like tendinitis.

Ian is currently Director of Programs at the Colorado Springs Conservatory and an active performer, composer, and clinician in the region. Ian also maintains a private Alexander Technique studio in Colorado Springs.

Heidi Brende Leathwood

  • Newman Performing Arts Center, 2344 E Iliff Ave, Denver CO 80208
  • Alexander Technique Denver, 4201 E. Yale Ave., Ste. B-140, Denver, 80222

Greeley CO 80634

Heidi Brende Leathwood, teacher of the Alexander Technique in Denver CO and Greeley COHeidi has been a teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1995. She decided to certify as a teacher after AT lessons helped her heal from a piano related arm injury. Her present and former students number in the hundreds, aged 8–92, from many walks of life. They include musicians, actors, dancers, athletes, accident survivors, people with partial paralysis, cancer survivors, refugees, trauma survivors, police officers, ministers, psychologists, massage therapists, carpenters, office workers, health care workers, and many others.

Heidi has presented workshops at the AmSAT national ACGM, the MTNA national convention, the International Horn Symposium, the International ClarinetFest, and regularly presents workshops at college and universities. She is Director and faculty at Alexander Technique Denver, an AT teacher-training course. She also teaches Alexander Technique at the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music.

Jonathan Leathwood

Newman Performing Arts Center, 2344 E Iliff Ave, Denver CO 80208

Jonathan Leathwood, teacher of the Alexander Technique in Denver COJonathan Leathwood welcomes pupils from all walks of life, bringing his many years of experience of teaching in music and the arts. In all of his teaching he emphasizes the integration of different kinds of knowledge and skill.

Jonathan came to the Alexander Technique in 1987, as a young classical guitarist seeking a means to address tension and performance anxiety. Since then he has enjoyed an international career as a guitarist. He became an AmSAT-certified teacher in 2017 and is currently Teaching Associate Professor at the Lamont School of Music, University of Denver, where he teaches the Alexander Technique alongside classical guitar and musical analysis.

Michael Plested

2439 S Broadway, Denver CO 80210

Michael Plested, teacher of the Alexander Technique in Denver COMike holds a BA in Jazz Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington, where he specialized in saxophone performance. The many hours of practice led to severe carpal tunnel syndrome, and after traditional treatments proved ineffective Mike turned to the Alexander Technique.

The principles of the Technique immediately resonated when he began working intensively with Phyllis Richmond. He studied with Odyssée Gaveau at L’École de la Technique Alexander in Paris, and then with Lyn Charlsen at the Alexander Technique Institute of Los Angeles. He completed his training with Rose Bronec at Alexander Technique Urbana in Illinois. He is especially well versed in the Dart Procedures and enjoys helping people apply the Technique based on their individual interests.

Nicole Rafferty

9360 Teddy Lane Suite 101, Lone Tree CO 80124

Nicole Rafferty, teacher of the Alexander Technique in Lone Tree CO, Denver CO, and Greeley CONicole Rafferty has been an Alexander Technique teacher since 2016. She is the owner of Optimized Functionality, a company in Denver specializing in the Alexander Technique. Nicole holds degrees in psychology and violin performance from the University of Denver, and is a qualified teacher of the Suzuki method in violin.

As a student, Nicole found Alexander Technique lessons remarkably effective in alleviating back pain and stage fright. She decided that it was essential to train as a teacher so that she could help others gain the freedom and ease she had found from the Technique.

Laurie Sellers

14 Via Piedras, Manitou Springs CO 80829

Laurie Sellers, teacher of the Alexander Technique in Colorado Springs COLaurie Sellers was drawn to the Alexander Technique in the early 90s after developing back pain while working as an architect. Thinking she was taking only a “brief hiatus” from her architecture career to study AT, alleviate her pain, and improve her posture, she discovered instead a whole new world that she wanted to share with others.

Laurie graduated in 1995 from the North London Alexander Teachers Training Course and has since worked with musicians, professionals, and anyone who is struggling with pain and stress or who wants to improve their quality of life.

Complementing her AT teaching, Laurie is also a certified Shiatsu practitioner and craniosacral therapist. She currently teaches in Colorado Springs.

Anna Sobotka

1510 Glen Ayr Drive, Lakewood CO 80215
(402) 340-7550

Anna Sobotka, a teacher of the Alexander Technique in ColoradoAnna learned about the Alexander Technique while studying violin performance at the University of South Dakota. The back pain that she experienced while playing and performing became so disabling she thought she would have to quit her musical ambitions. However, in her first Alexander lesson, Anna found that the principles of the Technique not only eliminated her back pain, but brought freedom and ease to her whole body. In order to teach others how to manage and eliminate pain, Anna trained to be a certified AmSAT teacher graduating in 2019.

Anna has experience working with people from many walks of life, including dancers, musicians, actors, people with back pain, people with sciatica, people with hypermobility, people with chronic pain, dentists, carpenters, teachers, gardeners, athletes, and somatic practitioners. Anna loves teaching students the tools they need to take care of themselves while working toward their personal and professional goals.

Kris Sutton

a living arts centre, 2231 South Platte River Drive, Denver CO 80223
Littleton CO 80127

Kris Sutton, teacher of the Alexander Technique in Littleton CO and Denver COKris Sutton is an AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teacher with a private practice teaching in Denver and Littleton, Colorado.

Since 1999, she has taught workshops in the Technique at the Denver Center for Performing Arts, University of Colorado at Denver, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado Free University, and the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities.

In addition to teaching the Alexander Technique, Kris has an extensive background as a professional speaker/trainer, comedic actress, improviser, and singer. She brings fun and laughter to the work and feels the Technique can help us to reconnect to the joy of movement.

Naoko Yoda

Alexander Technique Denver, 4201 E. Yale Ave., Ste. B-140, Denver, 80222

Naoko YodaNaoko came across the Alexander Technique while suffering from neck and back pain associated with her bagpipe playing.  Alexander Technique lessons relieved her pain and improved her bagpipe playing skills. She graduated as an AmSAT-certified teacher from Alexander Technique Denver in 2019.

Naoko’s experience in psychology (BA), education, dance, music, and aikido is an influence in her teaching. A native of Japan, Naoko has a keen interest in the similarities between the principles of the Alexander Technique and Japanese traditional culture. She teaches in both English and Japanese, and offers private lessons and group classes. Her motto is “to make lessons fun and understandable.”