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The Colorado Society for the Alexander Technique is more than a website. We are a network of teachers who want everyone to enjoy the same priceless opportunity we once had to experience the benefits of the Alexander Technique.

We have created this website as a resource for people to find out who we are and where we teach, to learn about our events, and to read our reflections. But we also meet regularly to exchange work, marketing ideas, and outreach initiatives, and to identify ways in which pooling our financial resources will be more effective than individual, uncoordinated efforts.

If you are a teacher of the Alexander Technique with AmSAT certification, or simply want to help with our efforts to grow our work, please consider joining us.

Friends of ColoradoSAT

If you are interested in supporting the work of ColoradoSAT, there are a number of ways you can do it:

  • you can share our site, blogs, or events on social media with your friends
  • you can link to us from your own website
  • you can write about your experiences with the Alexander Technique on your own blog or social media (whether or not they were with one of our members)
  • if you would like to volunteer time or your services, do contact us

Above all, you can become a Friend of ColoradoSAT! Membership fees help us to pay for marketing initiatives, website costs, or a specific project. If you would like to become a Friend of ColoradoSAT, please contact us.

Professional membership

Professional membership in the Colorado Society for the Alexander Technique is open to:

  1. Colorado-based teachers of the Alexander Technique who are certified, and who are voting members of AmSAT. (If you wish to know more about AmSAT certification, please contact us.)
  2. Trainees enrolled in an AmSAT-certified teacher training course

The benefits of professional membership include:

  • direct promotion for individual studios from this site
  • direct promotion of your events on this site
  • regularly maintained group social media pages
  • opportunity to blog or vlog on the website
  • group marketing and public relations endeavors
  • direct advertising and marketing campaigns to raise public awareness regionally
  • marketing support
  • access to collective marketing advertising resources
  • meetings to share marketing support and ideas

If you would like to become a member, or you would like more information on AmSAT-certification, please contact us.