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Introductory Books

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Next Steps


  • Elizabeth Langford, Mind and Muscle: An Owner’s Handbook (Leuven: Alexandertechniek Centrum, 2008) Mornum Time Press

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F.M. Alexander’s Four Books

The Alexander Technique gets its name from its founder, F.M. Alexander (1869–1955). His books are in no sense introductory guides and are not recommended to the beginner. They are instead inquiries into the implications of unreliable sensory appreciation and the potential for psycho-physical re-education in modern life. Although some of his speculations are clearly of their time, the principles of re-education he puts forward are implicit in any Alexander Technique lesson.

Alexander’s books are widely available in various editions and libraries. It is worth going to the trouble of obtaining the Mouritz editions, which are superbly produced and edited. Only The Use of the Self is not available from Mouritz; the others are available in the US from Mornum Time Press or directly from Mouritz in the UK.

See also:

  • Articles and Lectures: Articles, Published Letters and Lectures on the F.M. Alexander Technique (London: Mouritz 2011) Mouritz | Find it in a library
  • Ron Brown, Authorized Summaries of F.M.Alexander’s Four Books (French Connection Press, 1992) Amazon


Reading in Depth


Websites about the Alexander Technique

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