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Summer Package, June 1–August 31

If you are new to the Alexander Technique, we are offering a summer package to help you get started.

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Do you or someone you know have

  • pain or tension?
  • interest in posture or movement?
  • problems with stress?
  • trouble getting through a long day?
  • a need to manage better after injury or surgery?
  • trouble doing their best under pressure?
  • interest in preventing injury?

Improve functioning, change reactions to stress, and move in a way you can sustain for life with this 120-yr-old method, backed by modern scientific research.

Alexander Technique students receive hands-on guidance and learn to function better day-to-day, leading to long-term improvements. The professionals in Colorado Society for the Alexander Technique are highly trained to help their students make positive changes. All teachers are trained for at least 1600 hours on AmSAT-approved training courses.

Maybe you are doing things with more effort than necessary—leading to pain and tension. Maybe you interfere with your breath—leading to lowered energy. Perhaps you respond to stress by freezing and tightening. Your patterns feel so normal, you probably don’t notice them, and if you do, it is difficult to know how do anything different. Alexander Technique lessons can point you in a new direction!

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